RESEARCH & LEGAL SOURCES – 911 Justice – provides extensive information about the death penalty, death row, executions, execution facts and protocol.

ABA Death Penalty Representation Project – a Web site with a public page describing the Project’s primary goal to recruit law firms to represent death sentenced prisoners; the site includes a password protected area limited to lawyers representing individuals facing the death penalty.


ABA Death Penalty Moratorium Implementation Project – The Project will work toward achieving a national moratorium on executions until the death penalty process is reformed.

Address of Death Row Units in the U.S. — addresses of death rows in the USA for both men and women.

American Society of Criminology — general collection of death penalty information, including government statistics, court decisions, and articles and writing on death penalty issues.

Boalt Hall Death Penalty Clinic.

Capital Punishment or Compassion: Executions in the State of New Mexico: The Death Penalty Since Territorial Days — provides the names, crimes, and dates of execution for those executed in New Mexico.

Center for Death Penalty Litigation — The Center for Death Penalty Litigation is a non-profit law firm that provides direct representation to inmates on North Carolina’s death row, as well as consulting with and training attorneys who practice capital litigation across the state.

Center for Prosecutor Integrity – contains a database of prosecutorial misconduct cases

Center on Wrongful Convictions – dedicated to identifying and rectifying wrongful convictions and other serious miscarriages of justice. The Center investigates possible wrongful convictions and represent imprisoned clients with claims of actual innocence.

Clark County Prosecutor’s web site with links to over 1,000 death penalty related Web sites

The Constitution Project’s Death Penalty Initiative – a bipartisan committee of death penalty supporters and opponents who agree that the risk of wrongful executions in this country is unacceptably high

Cornell Law School Death Penalty Project – links to state and federal statutes and cases.

Court TV: The Death Penalty on Trial – history, statistics and articles about the death penalty.

Death Penalty Litigation Clinic – a non-profit law firm dedicated to the defense of prisoners on death row throughout the country with a specialization on the Midwest.  Complete databases on the cases of all people on death row in:

DePaul University College of Law: Center for Justice in Capital Cases – provides Defense Investigation Certificate, Student Training, Professional Seminars, Manuals and Model Pleadings

Death Penalty Worldwide – International death penalty database.


Derechos – provides links to a variety of death penalty sites.

Equal Justice Initiative – Provides assistance for Alabama death row inmates in during the post-conviction appeals process.

Fair Trial Initiative – confronts the crisis of incompetent counsel for indigent defendants facing the death penalty. Funds fellowships for recent law graduates to work with under funded trial counsel in capital cases, and provides internships for law students to do a variety of trial related capital work.


Rick Halperin’s Death Penalty News and Updates – death penalty statistics, news, updates, addresses of U.S. Governors
History of Executions – Explores history of executions prior to the advent of lethal injection, and explores issues of present day lethal injection procedures.

Indiana Public Defender Council

Clark County (Indiana) Prosecutor

Innocence Project Web Site – Comprehensive Web site of the Innocence Project at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. The site contains case profiles, other innocence projects, DNA legislation and news, and much more.

Internship Opportunities in Capital Defense Offices – this site has law student internship opportunities (both summer 2014 and year-round) in offices around the country that are engaged in the defense of death row inmates or capitally-charged defendants.

Inter Press Service News Agency (IPS) – death penalty section contains news of international developments

Legal Broadcast Network – A resource of videos for lawyers covering many aspects of law.

MacArthur Justice Center – A non-profit public interest law firm affiliated with the Northwestern University of Law. The center concentrates on cases that raise constitutional or significant issues in the field of criminal justice.

National Registry of Exonerations – The National Registry of Exonerations is a joint project of the University of the Michigan Law School and the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University School of Law.

It provides detailed information about  all known exonerations (for all crimes, not just death penalty crimes) in the United States since 1989 – cases in which a person was convicted of a crime and later cleared of all the charges.

Southern Center for Human Rights – death penalty news, articles and reports, good source for prison reform resources, and legal/advocacy resources – includes databases of information on crime and prisons, capital punishment, and news for each state. Allows a comparison of between 2-4 states.

Tennessee Capital Case Information – A Tennessee Supreme Court website for capital cases that have had at least one “serious” execution date set.

Texas Defender Service- aims to help improve the quality of representation afforded to indigent Texans charged with a capital crime or under sentence of death.